Royalty Free Stock Clipart by Toonaday

  1. Spring Cleaning Woman with a Frown
  2. Cartoon Lawyer Carrying Files to the Right
  3. Cartoon Penguin Running with a Fish Gift
  4. Sporty White Boy Doing a Soccer Kick
  5. Cartoon Business Man Leaving at the End of the Work Day
  6. Pleased White Businessman Clapping
  7. Cartoon Sneaky White Businessman Smoking
  8. Coloring Page of a Lawyer Carrying Files
  9. Basset Hound Crashed and Hoping for Steak
  10. Happy Lineart Businessman Watering a Plant Showing Extreme Growth
  11. Lineart Tired Businessman Unplugged from an Electrical Socket
  12. Lineart of Flying Commuters Heading to Work
  13. Lineart Businessman Going down on a Plummeting Graph